Welcome to Kori Holistic Fitness, my name is Kandace. I offer personal health coaching and personal training. I aim to improve your health and wellbeing through coaching and support with a focus on you as a whole, your mind, body and soul. Because I utilise coaching insight from ph360 that is completely unique to you. I know how to keep you engaged, motivated and achieving your goals.

The Maori word ‘Kori’ means to move, to dance, to play, to be vibrant and have energy, to be ALIVE.  I think it sums up perfectly the intention I set for my clients.  I want people to be in tune with themselves and the world around them through exercise, nutrition and mindfulness.

As much as I moan, I do really love our sessions 😂😂😂

I am so happy with the past twelve weeks! Without sounding like a cheesy testimonial, I really feel like exercise is becoming a way of life for me. I find you so approachable and encouraging especially when I need to be pushed, I really like that you do it in a way that is empowering and mostly, kind. I really appreciate your sound understanding of fitness, the body and nutrition. Legit, committed to you as my PT!!!! Thanks so much!

Ava Nagawaka

“Kandace is amazing. I look forward to every session I have with her. The program she has set for me pushes me but are also fun. Every weigh loss is seen positively which has boosted my confidence and I have learnt a lot about accountability about my decisions.”

Rebecca Hennesey