Fitness and Exercise

Have you tried a live online workout?


So many of us need accountability in order to motivate ourselves to exercise.  It can be so hard to always be motivated to exercise and to start a new routine.

For many the first step is to sign up to their local gym or commit to a 12 week bootcamp, you need to do something other than yourself to get out the door, a purpose and some accountability.

Maybe you’ve tried some online YouTube workouts before because you can’t afford the gym.  Have you stuck with that? Did you even complete the whole workout? Or did you do a half assed attempt and then turn it off because someone knocked on the door or you felt like a cup of tea.

For a few years now I have been doing online virtual classes and online personal trainer sessions.  If you’ve never done one before I think they’re awesome.  They’re not like watching a YouTube video.  You have more accountability.  You have an appointment you need to meet. You are face to face with a trainer.  This face to face part is the key to your success!

Live online classes and online personal trainer sessions are a great option for those that live in remote areas or can’t leave their homes, like farmers or parents.  They are safer because the trainer can correct your form.  They will push you more than simply doing an exercise video.

Start your online fitness journey today!

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