Weight loss tips

How to survive weekends and social occasions when you’re trying to lose weight!

pexels-photo-415318.jpegWeekends and events are the hardest and most challenging times for almost all of us to lose weight.  Many of us find that it’s easier to stay on track when we are in a routine and have work, school, normalcy during the week and then the weekends things just fall apart.  It’s more social and there’s usually events to navigate.  There are a couple of strategies to get through these times because let’s face it you can’t hide under a rock when you’re trying to lose weight.

One way is to plan your fails, what I mean by that is to plan treats or to relax a little with in reason during those times.  So during the week stay on track and really really stick to your calorie allowance, you should be able to get a head a bit and have a good drop in weight.  Then in the weekends allow a few extra calories within reason and aim to maintain the losses you’ve got during the week.  If you’re tracking your calories on a calorie counter like My Fitness Pal for example, say your allowance is 1200cal and you stick to that Monday to Friday and then Saturday and Sunday you go for 1500cal without exercise or even 1800cal with exercise.  You can likely get through with a loss.

With your events here are some hints to try to limit the damage 😉

1. Have a snack on some fruit before you go, apples are great as they have a natural enzyme that suppresses the appetite.  Also if you have had a snack before hand and don’t turn up to an event ravenously hungry you will be more likely to not over eat and to make good choices.

2. Stay on track during the week so that you’ve set yourself up well leading up the event.

3. Eat light in the other meals of that day to account for the extra you’ll have at the event.

4. Do some extra light exercise before, day of or next day, like a walk to help compensate for the extra calories.  This is if you are already on an exercise plan.

5. Be mindful and present and eat the best looking nicest things there are and be satisfied with that rather than just trying everything to fill your boots LOL

6. HAVE FUN!!!!

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