Why are you holding me? 🤯 De-cluttering and organising your head space 🤯

🤯 Recently I have been working on de-cluttering and organising my head space.  It’s a constant juggle being a Mum and running my own business with multiple things going on at any one time.  🤯

My first plan of attack was my schedule! Instead of feeling overwhelmed with the shear amount of little things I feel like I need to do I have schedule specific time to spend on each thing.  I have broken them down into things such as time for Social Media, to do my accounts, client programming, blogging etc.  I’m hoping that setting out times of the week to do these jobs means I will get through the week without feeling overwhelmed and 💩 will get done!

Next was to make a Social Media Plan and to find the best suited Social Media Management App.   I chose the App Buffer as I have used it before and so I am quite familiar with it.  It also has some great features that suit me like being able to customise Instagram and Facebook as I do want to post different content to each medium.  I added my Google+ profile and Linkedin accounts because I could, I thought I might as well cover my bases while I’m at it and it’s easy.  With a plan and a management app i’m able to spend less time worrying about what to post.

One thing I noticed and my family have complained about is the amount of time I spend on my phone and social media.  I came across this cool article which helps you to change the settings in your phone so that it becomes less enticing to spend unnecessary time on it.  I have always justified my use is for work but the shear amount of time I have been spending borders on addiction.

A phone setup that will make your more mindful


The tips in the article help you to make changes to your iphone features that help you to use it more mindfully so that you can circumvent the time wasting program that they deliberately add so that you stay addicted and connected.  The phrase I chose as my calm wallpaper was “why are you holding me?” I like it because it’s open ended.  It’s not shaming me for picking up my phone, it’s making me think, why? can i justify my use in that time and space? I chose the moon as my picture because it’s calm and powerful.  It’s a bit different looking at the phone completely in greyscale, that might take a bit to get used to.

Time will tell if making these changes will help or change my behaviour.  But I already feel a million times better that I have a made a plan and started to implement it.

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