Accountability Coach

An intense full service program!

I will help you to set goals and I will keep you accountable to that mission 24/7 support via call, text and/or email.  A Personal Trainer, Nutrition support and Therapist at your finger tips 24/7.

(Guaranteed txt reply within minutes no more than an hour)

Kick off Program! First 2 weeks $500*


$200 a week after that until you reach your goal.

An accountability coach is a person who holds you accountable to yourself.  Accountability is the obligation to account for your activities, accept responsibility for them, and to disclose the results in a transparent manner.

Unlike a PT that see’s or hears from you 1 hour a week or day, we will be in contact all through out the day and night if needs be.  Taking care of the other 23 hours in a day.  Sometimes that’s worth paying for!

This is for those of you that are needing to be totally committed but you lack the motivation or will and need someone to hold your hand the entire time.  Sometimes you need to step outside your comfort zone and you need HELP and a bit of tough love to get things done.  Fo when you’re at the stage, where enough is enough and you will do all that it takes!

What you get:

  • Initial 30 minute consultation where we will chat about your goals and how I can best help you.
  • 24/7 support
  • Mobile App
  • Exercise Library
  • Online Coaching
  • Nutrition App
  • Fitness Challenges
  • Online Community
  • Content Library
  • Call, Txt and Email Communication

We set positive goals using ‘SMART goals’ – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time.  Specific – What do you want to achieve, where, when how etc.  Measurable – Identify what you want to see, hear and feel when you reach that goal and what.  Define your goal or objective.  Attainable – Investigating if your goal is going to work.  Do you have the time, effort and other costs involved.  Relevant – Why do you want to reach that goal? what is the objective and will this goal really achieve that?  Timely – Give yourself a deadline, deadlines switch you into action mode.  Keep it realistic and flexible.

Your plan will be completely bespoke and may include things such as: meal planning, activity planning, personal training, scheduled weekly check in’s.  You will need to send photos of your meals and your activity.  You can text when you’re struggling with a decision, or you don’t know what to eat at a restaurant and need on the spot advice.  When you are struggling, when you’re winning, whatever it is, if it’s relevant to your goal.

You must commit to a contract.  There are strict rules in the kick off program, no alcohol, 1 hour of activity every day, photo evidence of every single thing you put in your mouth, strict tracking on my Nutrition App, if you fail it is because you failed yourself.

*First 2 weeks non refundable, after all paying for a service is half the motivation!

You’re worth it! Talk to me today!