Why choose Online Exercise?

Do you struggle with where to start and the determination to keep going?

Online fitness allows me to deliver exercise instruction similar to that you would get in a gym, group fitness class or if I were in your own home without the time for travel.  It’s convenient, easy and environmentally friendly.

I believe that we have a responsibility to take care of our bodies, the ones we love and the world we live in and what we eat can go a very long way to make a big impact on all of these things.

I take a holistic approach to nutrition and believe in ‘bio individuality’ that there is no one size fits all approach to what you eat.   And I also believe that you can eat in a way that benefits you and the environment, please checkout my philosophies on the page ‘Nutrition the Flexitarian Way’.

Exercising WITH a trainer online takes online fitness to the next level of accountability and motivation where other online programs, youtube, videos and apps can’t.


How many times have you started an online program, gone to do a YouTube workout or downloaded a Fitness App and been worried if you are copying the instructor correctly and thinking you could hurt yourself.  Maybe you thought it was a good idea at the time and you were super motivated to start with, maybe you did 1 or 2 of the workouts on this fabulous App with its fancy extras and then gone off on a tangent mid way thinking about all the other stuff you have to do! or even just thought “hmm a cup of tea right about now sounds like a much better idea”.  I know I have! Did you even finish that program and see it through?  Did you even finish a whole workout?

It’s hard to find accountability and motivation when you have to muster it all up from within.  That’s where someone like me comes in! With One to One or supervised Online Group Fitness classes I can give you that accountability and motivation to overcome where other online fitness solutions fail.  You have me! I can pick you up, encourage, support and be there to make sure you get it done at a fraction of the cost of seeing a personal trainer in a gym or in your home.

Exercising online is perfect for busy people that don’t have the time to travel, parents who have no way of leaving the house, for when you are travelling away from home or on the road.  It’s great for those with gym anxiety and beginners who want to make sure they are performing exercises correctly.

Maybe you’re too embarrassed to go to a gym or to your local bootcamp.  It can be hard and demoralising when your body doesn’t do what you hoped it could and so you give up and put exercise in the too hard basket.

All you have to do is make an appointment, chuck on your workout gear, turn on your computer and boom! we are on!  No need to drag your butt to the car, drive to the gym, that’s gonna take you 15-30 minutes and you haven’t even started yet!  Maybe you live in a rural area and so there is no gym nearby either! Plus you are making a conscious decision by not using transport to exercise in an environmentally friendly way.  It’s a win win situation!