Why do I need an accountability coach?

How many times have you tried to lose weight and failed? Or committed to living a more healthy lifestyle and creating long lasting habits with exercise and food and given up.  Do you want to feel good about yourself and gain self-confidence?

If you answered yes and more than once, if you’ve tried everything, absolutely everything then an accountability coach might be the answer for you.

Self-discipline is crucial for achieving any goal. However, there is a limit to what you can accomplish just with willpower. Even the strongest-willed people run out of juice eventually.

That’s why the most successful people get external help to make sure they’re supported when they run out of willpower. In most sports, the accountability in the form of a trainer or a coach is a no-brainer. It’s the industry standard and everybody does it. If you were without a trainer you would be way behind.

There are no excuses but full commitment to your goals!

Coaching addresses the whole person, not just the different elements of fitness training. Coaching gets under the surface of workout and nutrition plans to discover why a client is unhealthy, what behaviors led to the problem, what daily life obstacles are in the way and how the client can make lasting behavior change. A lifestyle coach creates awareness by asking questions, backing a variety of strategies and options and supporting action.

And because this is going to be a positive experience you will need to think about how coaching will benefit you, here are some questions to get you thinking;

  1. How would you like me to hold you accountable around your goals in a way that will sound supportive rather than negative?
  2. How do you like to be managed? What type of management style do you respond best to?
  3. How do you want me to approach you if you don’t follow through with the commitments you make? What would be a good way to bring this up?
  4. What do you feel you are responsible for? What do you feel is outside of your control?
  5. Do you have a particular gift or talent that you feel you are not using to the fullest potential that will help you to reach your goal?
  6. I hear your good intentions behind reaching your goal. Can you share with me the evidence or activity that demonstrates your commitment to it?
  7. What role are you playing in all of this? What part did you play in creating that (in your life)?
  8. How have you demonstrated ownership of this?
  9. How long do you think it’s going to realistically take you to reach your goal, considering the worst case scenario?
  10. What resources do you need to complete this successfully?
  11. What have you already committed to that you need to be mindful of which could get in the way of meeting this deadline?
  12. Looking at your schedule and your current commitments, when can you realistically devote the time you need to complete this?